Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Can you manufacture custom Brand and Color of your products?
? Yes, We offer OEM service to nationwide distributor

1. About the Product Operation:

How the Equipment work?
See the right information on the education center:1. Dehumidifiers 2. Air Movers 3. Scrubber
How do dehumidifiers work?
Dehumidifiers extract moisture from the air and place it into exchanges which can first transform the air to vapor by heating. And then make vapor condense on the condensing tube. At last, the humidity is take away by the draining duct
What is the meaning of Effective Volume?
It means the optimal volume that a specific dehumidifier can effectively dehumidify.
My dehumidifier doesn't work, what can I do?
1). Check the temperature range and make sure the plug has been inserted rightly. 
2). Visit and enter Free Registration FAQ system to register your questions.   Our service dept will contact you and provide the solution immediately.
3). You can also send an e-mail to AlorAir Service Department for more information. Or you can contact local distributor or AlorAir Service Department  for more information, write to
What should I do with the loud noise when the unit function?
Firstly, make sure the unit functioning on the flat and firm ground. Secondly, check the filter mesh to make sure it is not jammed. If the filter mesh is jammed, please take it out and clean. 
I'm getting some kind of readout code on my control panel. Where can I find a list of error codes?
Error codes can be found from the owners' manual (also available at under Product resources, Manuals). For other doubts, please give us a call at 888-990-7469 or write to

2. About Product Service:

What is the service life of the Alorair dehumidifier?
The unit's service life can be 8 years or more in many other cases.
Are Alorair dehumidifiers Energy Star rated? and CE
All the Listed item in the shop is Energy Star Listed, also C-ETL, CE Verified.
What safety certifications (UL, ETL, CSA, etc) do AlorAir products carry?
All Listed Products carry the ETL and UL certification.
Where can I find the manual for my AlorAir equipment?
You can find the User Manual along with the shipment and also printable manual on our website. If you are unable to download it, contact the AlorAir Service Department at We can fax or email you a replacement at no charge.
Are there any critical points for the dehumidifier storage in winter?
Before storing dehumidifiers in winter in a non-heated facility, make sure all the water is drained out from the unit. Additionally, make sure that water in drain tube has been drained out to prevent cracking.
The units are not weatherized, so they can't be placed outside.
What is the warranty for the dehumidifier?
1 Year Parts & Labor
3 Year On Coil
5 Year On Compressor 
Where can I get the parts for my dehumidifier?
You can find the part you need by looking through the Alorair Parts List on our website. If you need assistance, you can give us a call at. To purchase parts please find it from the
Where can I get my AlorAir product serviced?
Most often your unit can be serviced by a certified HVAC technician; you can also deliver the unit back to us for service. Please call us at 400-180-8095 to know how to begin the process
What is AlorAir's return policy?
We have a  30 Days Return Policy without a restocking fee, please contact the company you purchased your unit from to begin the process.
How should I ship my equipment?
We recommend shipping the unit by FedEx Express Saver.