Storm Ultra 90 Pint Commercial LGR Water Damage Dehumidifier

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Bring you a comfortable living space! The Storm Ultra 90-Pint LGR Water Damage Dehumidifier is a  LGR water damage restoration expert! The unit has all the convenient features in a compact and extremely portable size. As a  worldwide supplier of flood restoration drying equipment company, we offer a variety of dehumidifiers  to remove water and assist with drying areas after water damage.When your basement or office is vulnerable to flooding, it is especially important to restore the damaged areas in no time as microorganisms, mold and bacteria might affect your health and result in further damage.The Strom Ultra 90-Pint Water Damage Dehumidifier removes odor-causing moisture and maintains EPA recommended relative humidity levels of 45% to 50% — ideal conditions for an odor-free storage space or comfortable living space for you and your family.  


Moisture Removal Capacity: 90 Pint / 115V (80 °F-60%)  90L(190 PPD) / 220V (30°C-80%)

Power Supply: 115V / 60HZ, 220V / 50HZ

Coverage Area: Up to 5500 sq.ft

COP 2.85L/Kwh (115v/60Hz), 3.0L/Kwh (220v/50Hz) Energy Star Listed

Hot Gas Valve Defrosting System

Housing in Backup-box construction(the unit can be disassembled in 10 seconds when some internal service requested)

Coated Coils with Stainless Side Plate

High capacity with Super COP

Heavy-duty Condensate Pump

Quick connector to Cable/Hose

Quick connector to Pump(the pump can be taken out freely just pull out the quick connector)

Multifold Filters (HEPA, Carbon, G3, Prefilter)

Ridged handle for easy transport

Hours Run Meter providing accurate run time  measurements                     


The Strom Ultra 90-Pint Water Damage Dehumidifier combines proven design with professional performance and portability. The roto-molded polyethylene housing is dent resistant which offers superior durability. A rigid handle and semi-pneumatic wheels ensure easy transport and maneuverability. The Strom Ultra dehumidifier removes up to 90 pints(AHAM) of water per day while with current draw 5.5 amps - enough water removal for areas up to 5500 sq.ft. The unit has features like Duct Connection Choice at outlet, Quick Access for Pump Service, Tem Mark Switch, Water Full Protection, Normal Filter, HEPA Filter and Activated Carbon Filter. Compared with competitors, the Strom Ultra has roto-mould housing in back-up-box construction. The unit can be disassembled in 10 seconds when some internal service requested,like Internal Cleaning, Pump Service. The pump has its Quick Connector, so it can be taken out freely by pulling out the quick connector. Whether it is flash flood, heavy rain or water main break, we have equipments to handle the most severe environments and assist with restoration.

115V (80°F-60%) 90 Pints (42.5L/D)
220V (30°C-80%) 90L (190ppd/D)
Amps 5.5A (115v/60Hz), 4.83A (220v/50Hz)
Coverage Area Up to 5,500 Sq.FT
Functioning Temperature Range 1~40 °C
Functioning Humidity Range 35~95%
COP 2.85L/Kwh (115v/60Hz), 3.0L/Kwh (220v/50Hz)
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 540*800*490 mm
Weight 93.0Ibs (42.0KG)
CE Yes
Filter Clean Air Filter, HEPA, Merve-8
Air flow 425CFM, 850CMH
Sound Pressure Level <50 dB(A)
Refrigerant R410A
Draining Condensate Pump
Defrosting Control System HGV Defrosting
Casters Portable Wheel
ENERGY STAR Certified No

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