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AlorAir was set up in America with global offices established in Spain,Germany, Britain and Sweden. Focusing on customized dehumidification project and air quality solutions, products from AlorAir are listed in those four main series: Cleaning & Restoration, Crawlspace & Basement, Commercial Moisture Control, IAQ Solution. 

Cleaning & Restoration Series dehumidifier gets waterproof PCB cover for circuit board. You can sink the unit in the water as the rubber strip makes the circuit board 100% sealed. It is a great feature for the unit as it still can work when flood coming. For restoration market, it needs powerful driving force of the machine, quick action and shortened operation time. While AlorAir's self-developed dehumidifiers, air scrubbers and air movers with extremely driving water removal capacity, maximum air velocity, Energy Star Rated and CE, ETL Certifications, all meets the requirements of restoration market and lay the foundation for qualification in handling restoration tasks. 

Crawlspace & Basement Series focuses on eliminating high humidity in challenging environments in those tight crawlspace and basement where mold, mildew, musty odor and corrosion easily appear with compact horizontal size, lightest weight, stackable features.

Commercial Moisture Control Series dehumidifiers provide high performance with low energy consumption especially workable for commercial and residential drying needs with obvious features like efficienet, large capacity and low temperature operation function.

IAQ Solutions Series concentrates on proper air ventilation, which is considered as an essential step of moisture control course. IAQ solution is joined by existing HVAC system, it's a better value than stand-alone systems that can cost quite amount of dollars. The IAQ solution is for the ultimate air purification aim.

AlorAir provides world-class IAQ solutions by a series of self-developed dehumidifiers, air movers, air scrubbers, air purifiers, portable air conditioners and humidifiers. Our products are gaining praise for advanced technology innovation, excellent performance, easy operation and higher cost performance in wide applications including after-flooding restoration, residential areas, construction, agriculture, public domain, etc..

AlorAir has won multiple of International patents and certifications like Energy Star, CE, ETL,SGS, ROHS for Low temperature working technique, the ventilation technique, high efficiency technique, double hurricane technique, solenoid valve control flow technique, high temperature and low humidity technique, quick access technique, etc.. AlorAir has passed very professional and strict authorization to ensure products'quality.